A quarter century back, when late Shri P K Narayanan Nair ventured into a relatively new business of coal handling, little had he imagined that the fledgling business would one day transform into a gigantic empire sprawling across the length and breadth of the country. Unfortunately he died in 1974 barely one year after the inception of the business. His three sons, Udaybhaskar Nair, Suresh Nair and Late Ravi Nair came together and cut their teeth as it were, learning to aspire for nothing less than excellence and to never abandon hope in the face of adversity. The tremendous goodwill of their late father was their supreme investment which stood them in good stead. They went through a lot of rough weather on their unending quest for success. They consolidated the business with foresight and care. They availed all openings of opportunity and accepted the challenge of the future. With perseverance, will power and tenacity, finally in 1983, NAIRSONS bagged their first major client in the form of Hindustan Paper Corporation Ltd. (known as the Kerala Newsprint Project then). They have never looked back since then.
In dealing with today's highly competitive markets, we are striving to attain the distinctive competitive edge to ensure maximum satisfaction to all our valued clients and patrons. In our strategic investments, we juxtapose strong profitability with prudence. All of these approaches and business activities reveal strong financial commitment to play a more significant role in keeping the wheels of Indian industry moving. Finally, at Nairsons - thanks to the founder, the late P.K. Narayanan Nair-we are proud of our deep roots in the Indian socio-cultural values, and of our position as one of the country's premier conglomerates without marginalising both business ethics and social responsibility.
The face of NAIRSONS today has undergone a dramatic transition from our early days. This transition is reflected in its evolution from an organisation that was driven primarily by a keen sense of entrepreneurship to a professionally managed company that is committed to focused and sustainable development. NAIRSONS is today a modern, dynamic organisation focused for the future, while at the same time guided by the wisdom of our past, a company that has successfully integrated a high level of professional management with the enrichment and guidance provided by a continuing entrepreneurial spirit. To ensure continued success, modern management systems and techniques have been adopted to ensure perfect logistics management and ensuring timely delivery of quality coal to destinations throughout the country. Firmly rooted in the present, ‘NAIRSONS' vision extends well into the future.